Progressive Lenses in Florence

Progressive Lenses What They Are

Progressive lenses were created to meet the need for dynamism, as they allow sharp vision at all distances, starting from far, intermediate and finally near.

In this way with a single eyeglass the wearer is able to meet most of his or her visual needs. A real advantage, for example, for all those who wear reading glasses but can’t stand the constant “put on and take off.” Not only that, but also so that you don’t always have to change pairs of glasses depending on the situation the Progressive lenses are the ideal solution.

Latest Generation Progressive Lenses

The latest generation of progressive lenses, also called freeform, are variable inset lenses with addition and distance power, or custom inset lenses.

This state-of-the-art technology allows for optimum amplitude of functional areas even in the presence of high ametropias, high astigmatisms or oblique astigmatisms, and most importantly, to control the magnitude of peripheral aberrations, the direction of induced astigmatisms, magnification and prismatic effects in the near zone.

Best Progressive Lenses

The best progressive lenses offer a hive sharp vision in all areas of vision, eliminating the sway effect, making smooth transitions between far, intermediate and near without the need to move the head to find clean vision zones.

Thus, the comfort derived by choosing the best progressive lenses is truly remarkable compared to inferior lenses. We at Bottega di Sguardi,

opticians in Florence

with many years of experience, offer our clients only high-quality progressive lenses to ensure an optimal visual experience in every situation.

Progressive Non-Centered Lenses

It is of paramount importance that the progressive lens is perfectly centered, otherwise the eyewear will not deliver on the promise of dynamism, comfort and sharpness, but on the contrary will be a harbinger of a whole range of physical and psychophysical ailments.

In the case of progressive lenses that are not centered, not insignificant problems can also arise, manifested by various symptoms such as:

  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • Dizziness;
  • Joint pain;
  • postural problems;
  • tarnished view.

In case the lenses are not centered you will definitely have problems finding the focus and, as a result, the pathologies listed above may arise.

However, it is important to go to a specialized center; we at Bottega di Sguardi in Florence, for example, are a team of experienced opticians and optometrists who can measure your eyesight and recommend the best lens for you.

Progressive Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic progressive lenses,Transition or Photofusion,are a double benefit for all those who wish to have one pair of glasses to use in different situations.

Thus, these are progressive lenses with transition technology, which can increase the dynamicity of the lenses themselves, as they adapt to all light conditions.

They are extremely light inside and dark outside, now offering a new selection of trendy colors such as amber, sapphire, amethyst and emerald green.

In addition, photochromic lenses, protect the eyes from both UV and harmful blue light, giving the wearer an extreme benefit. In this case they combine the typical comfort of progressive lenses with that of the
blue control lenses

Types of Inset Progressive Lenses

First, theinset is the distance between the area for near relative to the reference vertical for far.

Speaking of inset types of progressive lenses it must be said that the Progressive lenses were born fixed inset but, over time, through countless research we have arrived at thevariable inset with the value of the addition and power of the far, and at thecustom inset, so you can get in ocular rotation the channel always clean, without aberrations of any kind.

Glasses with Progressive Lenses

Glasses with progressive lenses make it possible to abandon the discomfort of double glasses on the nose, or double glasses one on the head and one worn, since one is needed for seeing at close range and the other for distance.

Glasses with progressive lenses allow us to wear a trendy accessory that expresses our personality and allows us to return to seeing sharp and clear at all distances.

Progressive Lens Frames

Thanks to the many technological innovations on the progressive lens front, to this day it is possible to choose in extreme freedom the frame that best represents us, following our style, fashion and comfort.

There are no longer the enormous limitations that prevailed in the past regarding the choice frames for progressive lenses, all the more so if you choose to customize lenses.

We at Bottega di Sguardi in Florence create our own limited edition lines, “Vibes 365 ” the medical steel collection and “Bottega di Sguardi” the acetate collection, both handmade in Cadore’s oldest factory.

In addition to this we do research all over the world and have the pleasure of working with the brands most exclusive and sought-after eyewear brands.

Progressive Contact Lenses

Progressive contact lenses, on the other hand, are ideal for people who play sports and wear glasses with progressive lenses, so they will be able to feel comfortable even in situations not suitable for wearing glasses.

For some specific activities and/or work, however, they are not recommended, especially with additions exceeding +2.00, since then it becomes difficult to correct all distances as with ophthalmic lenses.

Daily and Monthly Progressive Contact Lenses

Progressive contact lenses are designed with different corrective powers that allow the patient to see both distant, intermediate and near objects sharply.

Daily progressive contact lenses are recommended for those who wear them sporadically while monthly progressive lenses are recommended for those who use them daily.

Progressive Contact Lenses Pros and Cons

As with monofocal contact lenses, there are pros and cons to progressive contact lenses.

Exaggeratedly prolonged wearing can trigger a mechanism of intolerance by the eye, which cannot oxygenate and nourish itself sufficiently as long as the contact lens is worn.

A well-balanced port allows one to return to seeing at all distances and thus enjoy more dynamic activities without having to wear glasses at all.

Progressive and Cervical Lenses

As previously mentioned, it is critically important to center progressive lenses well so that the patient does not assume postural vices in order to see clearly through the affected lens zone.

Such attitudes can lead to physical disorders such as neck pain. It is, in fact, important to take a proper history in order to propose the best solution for the client’s needs, as each face has its own frame just as each eye has its own lens.

What are the Best Brands of Progressive Lenses?

The best progressive lenses obviously bear the Essilor brand or Zeiss, Hoya or Rodenstock, leaders in ophthalmics worldwide, known for continuous technological research aimed at increasingly satisfying the customer both in terms of lens geometry and quality of treatments.

We at Bottega di Sguardi in Florence are a specialized Varilux center. In our laboratories you can have a vision consultation with our professionals who will provide an eye examination and recommend the best progressive lenses for you.

How to Use Glasses with Progressive Lenses?

It will come to pass thatusing the progressive eyewear will be like putting on a glove during a harsh winter.

Because we will finally stop suffering from eye fatigue given by overexertion, stop suffering from headaches, stop having to pry and put on close-up glasses.

By wearing the progressive eyewear we will return to feeling safe in all circumstances.

Progressive Lenses Cost

As for the cost of progressive lenses, this is indeed a very sensitive subject, as we have a wide and varied range of possibilities, but when it comes to quality we always manage to be competitive and pamper our customers so that they have the best possible tool for their visual comfort.

If you are looking for great progressive lenses in Florence, come visit us at our two optical stores in town, either at our historic location on Via Marconi or at our headquarters on Via del Parione.

How many days does it take to make Progressive Lenses? Is it possible a 48-Hour Delivery?

Progressive lenses require special processing and specialized custom construction. The average progressive lens construction varies from 5 to 8 days depending on the design, treatment, or possible tinting.

We at Bottega di Sguardi in Florence in cases of urgency are able to prepare a lens progressive in 48 hours thanks to the technology and professionalism of our laboratories Highly specialized. In the case of monofocals we are also able to deliver glasses in 24 hours.


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