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Blue Control Lenses in Florence: What They Are and Where Find them

In our many years of experience as optical store in Florence , we have seen a conscious increase in the purchase of blue control lenses.

Using blue control lenses is undoubtedly an excellent habit that contributes to healthy living and maximum respect for our eyes, especially during long days of work in front of the PC.

Modern life, in fact, increasingly requires us to spend many hours in front of screens, not only for work but also for study or during moments of relaxation. Nowadays, looking at the screen of an electronic device has become the norm but, too often, the consequences for our eyes are not considered.

Indeed, it is well known that spending too many hours in front of a screen means subjecting oneself to excess blue light, which is the typical light emitted by LED or LCD screens on PCs and smartphones.

Blue light is a form of electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum that is between 380 and 500 nm. It is particularly harmful between 390 and 455 nm.
Let’s see together what blue light does to your eyes and how to defend yourself by using blue control lenses.

What Blue Lenses Are For

Blue light lenses are essential to protect our eyes from harmful blue light from electronic devices.

In fact, blue light, not all of it is harmful: that which comes out of the sun partly serves our bodies to regulate circadian rhythm (i.e., sleep/wake rhythm), while that from electronic devices is harmful (particularly if between 390 and 455

Therefore, the quality of the treatments performed on the lenses is very important. Blue lenses serve precisely to cut off and filter only the wavelengths of harmful blue light, while they will have to transmit the part of blue light needed by the body.

What Blue Light Does to the Eyes

Blue light is annoying because it challenges the accommodative system by creating
Difficulty in finding the plane of focus.

All this creates eye fatigue and, according to recent studies, if subjected to long exposure to harmful blue light over time, macular degeneration or other related pathologies may occur at the level of the pigment epithelium.

When to use Blue Light Goggles?

Many of our customers often ask us when to use blue light glasses.

We at Bottega di Sguardi in Florence, opticians with long experience, recommend using blue-light goggles when facing electronic devices that emit wavelengths belonging to blue-violet light harmful to the visual system.

Blue Control Lenses: Pros and Cons

When we talk about blue control lenses we are talking about lenses that have a specific use, so they give comfort and protection when worn in front of devices that emit harmful blue light .

The pro is precisely encapsulated in this great advantage, which is protection for our eyes, while from a point of view of disadvantages it can be said that there are no cons regarding this type of lens.

So, wanting to talk about pros and cons of blue control lenses, we can say that if used correctly, there are no contraindications.

Glasses for Office: Better Use Lenses with Light Protection Blue?

As we know, exposure to high amounts of blue light is a major cause of digital eye stress .

Therefore, it becomes most important to protect our eyes by giving comfort with glasses equipped with lenses that protect against harmful blue light.

These are lenses with a special filter that ensures comfortable vision and helps to
Protect against the harmful effects caused by excessive exposure.

This is why blue light glasses are also called PC and Office glasses,
representing a real boon to our eyes. The well-being that is achieved
wearing this type of lens in the office is immediately felt in the form of relief of the
eyes, reducing problems such as red eyes, burning and eye discomfort.

PC Rest Lenses

Instead, when we talk about restful pc lenses, we generally refer to a
different product from blue protect lenses.

When you have to choose glasses that fit restful pc lenses, the best thing is to
Rely on a team of experts like those at Bottega di Sguardi in Florence who, in the measuring room, will understand with a thorough examination your need and the type of fatigue
and/or visual stress so that we can recommend the best solution tailored for you.
Obviously, if we add to that lens the blue control treatment we go to complete
the eyeglass optimally.

Frames with Blue Protect Lenses Against Blue Light

On the subject of frames with Blue Protect Lenses against blue light, the Bottega di Sguardi Team has designed something really special. Our passion for researching the best eyeglass frames guides us every day in our work.

In fact, for the first time ever, we were able to link two strong brands such as Zeiss and our Bottega di Sguardi into a unique, protective and fascinatingly framed pair of glasses.

We are happy to offer you our entire Bottega di Sguardi collection, handmade in Cadore‘s most historic company, as well as a selection of niche eyewear from around the world, now accompanied by an exclusive collaboration with the world leader inophthalmics Zeiss. We give away the pair of neutral lenses with blue protect treatment
or, in the case of ametropias, treatment on a graduated lens.

Zeiss Blue Protect Lenses Price

In our optical stores in Florence, we are able to offer you the entire selection of our exclusive Bottega di Sguardi and Vibes 365 models complete with Blue Protect  lensesgiven away by us, because we love our work and it is with this love that we
We approach the visual well-being of our clients.

So if you’re looking for the price of Zeiss Blue Protect neutral lenses, at our two optical stores in Florence we give the lenses away! In the case of corrective lenses of various and sundry ametropias, treatment will be free of charge.

We are waiting for you at the historic office in Via Marconi 19/F or in the very central office in Via del Parione 54/R to choose together with you the best frame on which to install the best blue control lenses.

If you don’t live in Florence, or prefer to choose conveniently online, on our website bottegadisguardi.com you can choose the eyewear that best expresses your personality already fitted with Blue Protect lenses.

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