Three key words for those entering our Optical Concept Stores- the laboratories of style and knowledge that combine attention to detail with the most sophisticated and contemporary trends in eyewear. Just as the shopping experience caters to each customer’s unique preferences, the eyewear selection showcases top-tier contemporary designs, remarkable lightness, and dynamic styles.

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Julius Tart Optical
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Anne & Valentin
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Jacques Marie Mage
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Masahiro Maruyama
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True Vintage Revival
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Bottega di Sguardi Horn Collection
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Cutting-Edge Excellence

Bottega di Sguardi embodies technological sophistication and superior quality. With a deep specialization in the optical field and a broad range of premium lenses, Bottega di Sguardi is your go-to destination for expert consultations, precise measurements, and the perfect choice to meet your specific visual requirements.

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Our Production


Apart from offering the finest Italian and international eyewear brands, Bottega di Sguardi also introduces Vibes 365, a personal collection of smart, incredibly lightweight eyewear with a Californian touch, renowned for its versatility and contemporary style. Unhinging the traditional idea that there is a single pair of glasses for all seasons, Vibes plays with transversality. Whether it’s a business lunch, a summer sunset on a Mediterranean island, or a seaside gathering with friends, there’s a perfect lens color for every occasion.

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The Greek translations of Dawn, Breeze, and Morning symbolize those fleeting moments and natural gifts that envelop us daily, often overlooked in the hustle of our lives. These names grace the eyewear models born from Bottega di Sguardi’s collaboration with an age-old Cadore factory, reimagining iconic objects – “timeless classics” – with a modern twist. They incorporate carefully selected acetate, meticulously handcrafted hinges and polishing, a rich palette of colors, and intricate design elements.

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The Shopping Experience


The experience at Bottega di Sguardi transcends mere eyewear, it encapsulates an array of scents, trends, and concepts from various countries and cultures, becoming the ultimate, niche, multibrand destination where accessories take center stage in a 360-degree approach.
From the packaging to the product range, it offers a comprehensive experience that marries the reliability, expertise, and attentiveness of traditional artisans with the design and innovation of contemporary endeavors.

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Maiu Sepp

I discovered this amazing eyewear shop from internet when I planned my trip to Firenze. I contacted with them by email and made an appointment. Virna had prepared for me a wonderful collection of frames and sunglasses. It was absolutely enjoyable shopping experience. A week later I got my perfect optical sunglasses and glasses. Couldn`t be happier! Such an amazing experience. What a divine place to buy new eyewear! Thank you Virna for the most professional and kind help!

Leslie Patino

One of a kind shopping experience in the center of Florence, this shop is unique because they stand out in the brands they carry. I was given a beautiful leather box with 10 hand-picked styles for my face. It was a very fun way to shop, definitely would recommend to anyone that is looking for a special pair of sunglasses. Until this day, I sill get many compliments. Couldn't have gone to a better place for eyewear. Simone the owner and his sales team rock!

Hayatt M

Bottega di Sguardi is a gem if looking for a new pair of glasses in Florence. They have an impressive selection of frames with amazing and vanguard designs. It was such an enjoyable experience since the moment I stepped in the store. Thank you Simone and company for helping choose the perfect pair for me.

Justin Hwang

Absolutely wonderful experience! Amazing selection, Simone and his team are experts at picking out a great set of eyeglasses and sunglasses and they do incredible work with prescription lenses. Best customer service my wife and I have experienced. Highly recommended!!

Mirna Kafrouni

Simon & Guilia offre a service beyond expectation. They make me live a special and unique experience. Simone was so quick & comprehensive to my needs and my style. His Energy and his time were working together to give me great results with I am absolutely happy. Punctuality in delivery was remarkable to Thank you 🙏


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