Fos 47 Blue Protect


The blue protect lenses, are equipped with a blue-violet filter that protects the eyes and vision, ensuring comfortable vision to those who are exposed all day to this artificial energy source and harmful to our visual system.

A selection of the most iconic Bottega di Sguardi in an edition dedicated to the protection of the excessive harmful blue light of computer monitors, cell phones, led bulbs to which we are exposed daily.


Fos, in Greek “φως – light”. Limited edition by Bottega di Sguardi, completely handmade in Italy. Soft, sinuous shape, similar to a pantos, made unique by the upward ring closure and the bright, shiny plate colors. A timeless classic that gives the wearer that everyday elegance that a pair of handcrafted glasses has the magic to convey.

  • BAR LENGTH – 145mm

  • LENSES WIDTH – 47mm

  • BRIDGE – 22mm