Diamond Cut Series 3

The unique collection cradles the concept of ‘East meets West’ where we experience Japanese craftsmanship qualities combined with European design philosophies.

Its unique curvature and lines are inspired by the golden age of French classical style – a historical period of ostentation, extravagance and opulence. Featuring a thick body, the top of the eye frame is derived from a square shape, and patented in the most noteworthy part of the eyewear. The angles of the front highlight bold, masculine features, while the bridge is designed based on the angular diamond-cut shape with flat front design. The result is a minimalist structure complemented by classic rivet stitches, a quintessential design in French eyewear of the late 1930s.

Using 8mm of Zylonite for the fronts and 6mm for the temples, it ensures maximum comfort and fit despite its bold features. The diamond cut technique is used to perfect this retro style, complemented by a 90 degree edge with no curved corners. Even the diamond edge finish is perfected by hand by the master craftsman who has over 60 decades of experience with him.