TVR® Arnel® is a special remake of the classic rounded horn circle shape made famous by
by the legendary James Dean in his glory days. Using the Datum Expression Size method, the Arnel® shape or also known as the JD frame is usually patented using 4mm of celluloid to accentuate the material’s luster. Its slim profile also adds comfort and a better fit.

With over six decades of experience in mastering the art of eyewear, each piece is guaranteed to have beautiful craftsmanship, impeccable quality, and distinctive features that include SPM (Sun Platinum Metal) spear rivets, keyhole bridge, seven-barrel hinges, and hand slant cutting.

To celebrate the overwhelming support and encouraging response from customers over the years, TVR® OPT will offer this 2020 edition in Zylonite material, featuring intricate Japanese engraving depicting the Great Wave of Kanagawa on the metal in this classic frame with a modern twist.