Limited Edition Sunglasses

If you’re in Florence, you can’t help but immerse yourself in the exclusive world of Bottega di Sguardi, one boutique located in the heart of Florence’s historic center at Via del Parione 54r and the other at Via Marconi 19fr.

In our two stores, which are much more than just two
eyewear stores in Florence
, you can find Limited Edition sa sunglasses by the most exclusive international designers. We search the world in search of the most exclusive, handmade, numbered and non-repeatable eyewear, otherwise known as wearable works of art.

All collections in our Boutiques, including ours in collaboration with the oldest factory in Cadore are Limited Editions, some are even numbered collections , and there are only 300 pieces in the world.

We look forward to a unique experience through the most exclusive niche eyewear in the world, and in the meantime you can check out our online shop at because we ship worldwide.

Collectible Glasses

The brands we collaborate with, many of which
handmade in Japan
, createLimited Edition collections , and among them some even number the pieces produced for each
pattern and color.

This gives one the pleasure of dealing with unique pieces, glasses with a luxurious and richly detailed flavor that we are unlikely to see worn by anyone else. Real collectible glasses.

That eyeglass will be our hallmark precisely because of its uniqueness, and it will be what most reflects our personality and our desire to stand out and be unique just like the model we wear .

A Florence, at our Bottega di Sguardi boutiques you can find the unique piece that will will perfectly match the uniqueness of your person.

Rare Models: The World's Most Exclusive Glasses

Thanks to our continuous research, driven by our passion for eyewear, we boast among the most extensive collections of Japanese eyewear that to this day continue to be the
most desired and exclusive eyewear in the world, as it is entirely handmade by Master Craftsmen who hand down the knowledge from generation to generation.

But not only that, Japanese eyewear also continues to establish itself as the most exclusive because of the highest quality of raw materials used, from the
acetate sheets made
aged for months
, to titanium, the;24k gold and silver.

Precious materials that very few are able to process and manually enrich with refined details thus becoming rare models, glasses among the most exclusive in the world, approaching true works of art.

Jacques Marie Mage
, one of the most sought-after luxury brands at the moment by collectors of rare models as each pair of glasses is numbered with a certificate, is a Los Angeles-based brand however the handcrafted production is entrusted to the skilled hands of Japanese artisans.

Handmade Collectible Glasses

When we talk about collectible eyewear, we are referring to the eyewear niche, which takes care of every detail of the eyewear itself since it is completely handmade.

So we are talking about very low production capacities, as it takes even months to complete a single pair of glasses, which is followed from the beginning where it is just a drawing, to the end where the final steps such as the polishing all completely done by hand by Master Craftsmen are carried out.

Many of these handmade collectible glasses are not repeatable by advanced manufacturing technologies, which makes them even more sought-after and luxurious, not to mention that
Today, even eyeglasses, as well as luxury watches, are delivered with a certificate of originality and the number of the eyeglass itself.

At Bottega di Sguardi in Florence, Via del Parione 54r and Via Marconi 19fr and on the online shop you can discover hard-to-find collectible eyewear.

Collector's Box: the Glasses Boxes for Collectors

We at Bottega di Sguardi don’t like to leave anything to chance, everything is the result of passion, desire, emotion and love, which is why we have designed and created for our customers a
something really special that can pamper their glasses as well as unique and limited pieces .

It is about Couvette e Eyeglass chests, made entirely by hand in Italy, made of poplar plywood, covered with eco-friendly leatherette or cotton canvas, with Gold or silver galvanized zamak handles and latches. Real collectors’ box for collectors of discerning and attentive eyewear.

It is also possible, upon request, customize in all details both the couvettes and the drawer units, starting with the choice of material, color and interior linings, whose departments can also be designated as jewelry or watch holders.

Luxury is in every detail. We look forward to seeing you at Florence in our two Bottega boutiques of Looks to discover the latest exclusive shades and create your own customization.

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