Kool with a K: Projekt Produkt

In honor of Seoul Fashion Week we are spotlighting the hottest brand of South Korean eyewear. 

Written by: Flora Baibol

Seoul Fashion Week is about to wrap up, and trust us when we tell you, it was and is undoubtedly the one to watch out for. Korean fashion has been steadily gaining international recognition and importance in recent years. With a growing number of talented designers and innovative fashion brands emerging from South Korea, we couldn’t resist using this opportunity to spotlight our known and loved eyewear designer. 

If you should know one eyewear brand on the Korean fashion scene, it must be Projekt Produkt.

The eyewear brand has been gaining popularity for its innovative, user-centred approach to product design and its commitment to sustainability. The brand’s range consists of sleek, modern interpretations of timeless silhouettes and daring, unique designs that speak for themselves, from contemporary cat-eye to classic aviators.  A pair of Projekt Produkt frames can add a distinctive flare to the collection of any sunglasses enthusiast. 

Often the frames on someone’s face are the first thing we notice, so the best part of wearing something not many might have is the following storytelling. 

Discover the full selection in-store and online and embrace the unique vision and style of Projekt Produkt.

Discover Projekt Produkt

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