Japanese Glasses: All the Charm of Design Made in Japan

Nowadays, the Rising Sun is for all intents and purposes the place where theworld‘s most luxurious eyewear is created, both in terms of quality and exclusive designs.

It is in the Fukui Prefecture, to be exact in the town of Sabae, the place where designer eyewear is created, where for more than a century now the world’s most important optical district has been located there, characterized by one of the world’s oldest traditions in terms of production of glasses.

We of Bottega di Sguardi, with our Florentine offices, one in the heart of the historic center at Via del Parione 54r, and the other at Via Marconi 19fr, we are among the very few optometrists Italians to boast such a wide range of Japanese designers, and we are waiting for you to have the most wonderful experience in the world of Japanese eyewear.


Glasses Made in Japan, an Ancient Tradition of Master Craftsmen

Eyewear made in Japan is now synonymous with the highest quality, has become unique and instantly recognizable products due to the impeccable workmanship of the raw materials, acetates and metals (especially titanium), and the unparalleled craftsmanship that exudes from every detail.

Japanese eyewear is the result of a collaboration between ancient craftsmanship techniques and the innovative technologies now available, but always leaving the final word to the human touch, since it is always and everywhere entirely handmade eyewear.

At our Bottega di Sguardi Boutiques in Florence, we are ready for you to savor all the excellence of Japanese designers.

Handmade Japanese Glasses: a "Must Have" for Intendants

Wearing handmade Japanese eyewear is for all intents and purposes a “must have” for connoisseurs, as it is synonymous with elegance and personality.

What makes Japanese eyewear unique and undisputed collectibles, in addition to the sophistication of the design, is also and above all the quality of the raw materials.

Japanese acetate frames originate from sheets of organic plastic derived from cotton and cured for more than three months so that the most natural colors possible are emphasized.

Then each pair of glasses is finished and polished by hand, producing an extremely soft feel and a fit similar to that of a cashmere glove.

To let you experience the beauty of wearing handmade Japanese eyewear, we are waiting for you in Florence at our Bottega di Sguardi Boutiques, one located at Via del Parione 54r and the other at Via Marconi 19fr.

Japanese Sunglasses

Each Japanese sunglass is a true experience, starting from conception to creation, as the entire production chain, from design to conception, is almost always entirely followed in the eyewear factory itself.

They are glasses with a strong vintage connotation but open to the dynamic era in which we live.

Japanese sunglasses are characterized by the use of the world’s best metals, such as Japanese titanium, stainless steel, sterling silver, and solid 18-karat gold.

What sets them apart from the rest of the eyewear are the skilled hands of master craftsmen, capable of creating from these raw materials, true works of art rich in detail and
with techniques that are difficult for others to repeat.

Japanese Eyeglasses

Japanese eyeglasses are extremely complex glasses, as they have an unmistakable vintage and elegant flavor, and are rich in details, yet they manage to
also be simultaneously minimal and clean just as Japanese culture itself suggests.

They are glasses that can perfectly frame the wearer’s face, enhancing its charisma and distinctiveness, elevating it to an iconic figure.

Japanese eyeglasses are by far the most coveted because among other features, the most important for wearers is precisely that lightness thatdistinguishes their very high quality.

At Shop of Looks, we are ready to take you on an exciting journey in theeyewear of the Rising SunWe are waiting for you in Florence in Via del Parione 54r and in Via Marconi 19fr for a personalized consultation.

The Most Beautiful Japanese Glasses Frames

Among the Japanese brands that we most esteem is definitely True Vintage Revival, a company where the eyewear is truly the result of the manual and craftsmanship of the masters

In fact, here, production is very limited, precisely because it does not rely on machinery, the quality of acetate sheetsis unmatched, proposing even sheets left to season
decades as those that distinguish the 1993 collection.

The finest Japanese eyeglass frames definitely express a vintage yet contemporary flavor, and are enhanced by handcrafted details that make each frame something in its own right and instantly recognizable even to theuntrained eye.

The Japanese flavor in eyewear can be seen, felt and repressed.

In Florence, at Via del Parione 54r and Via Marconi 19fr, at Bottega di Sguardi, you can find a wide selection of the world’s finest Japanese frames.

Japanese Titanium Glasses: the Undisputed Style of Nipponese Designers

Japanese masters were the first to make eyewear from titanium, a precious, lightweight and hypoallergenic metal, and are therefore the best in the world at working it.

In fact, they manage to make extremely bright Japanese titanium frames, thanks to repeated hours of hand polishing on them, which elects them as frames from the
eternal brilliance.

Other features of the Japanese titanium glasses are light weight and comfort, you put the glasses on in the morning and get to the evening forgetting they are on your face, thanks
also to the clean design that does not weigh down one’s figure.

We look forward to seeing you at Bottega di Sguardi in Florence to experience the uniqueness of one of the most extensive offerings of Japanese titanium eyewear.

Japanese Glasses: What Are the Best Brands

Among the best brands of Japanese eyewear, it is definitely necessary to mention Masahiro Maruyama, an artist in the true sense of the word, who creates real sculptures ready to be worn.

TVR, a company with more than 80 years of history behind it, and still using the same production techniques from when he started, using the same steps for each eyewear; precisely because of this they have a very low production capacity, and this increases even more the value of each entirely handmade glasses.

Masunaga, the world’s oldest eyewear factory which in its century of operation has also created a special collaborative project with the designer Kenzo.

But we can’t forget about
with his glasses that we can likewise call jewelry.

These and many other Japanese niche brands are available in Florence from Bottega di Looks.

Masahiro Maruyama

Masahiro Maruyama
perfectly embodies the combination to which so many aspire without succeeding, namely traditional technique and design.

They are true works of art, Masahiro Maruyama’s eyewear, with its asymmetrical and unconventional design achievable only by the skilled hands of Master Craftsmen, with whom computerized production methods cannot possibly compete.

Indeed, a great many steps are required to make his iconic titanium glasses, which moreover require an advanced technique to process and polish the delicate frames of
design so that the highest quality can always be guaranteed.

And so, too, the processing of the

Mazzucchelli acetate sheets

maximum technique and skill is required on the part of the craftsmen, who must fill each piece by hand so that a comfortable fit can be achieved, given the intended and sought-after asymmetry of the frames.

In Florence, at Via del Parione 54r and Via Marconi 19fr, the team of experts at Bottega di sguardi awaits you for a unique experience called Masahiro Maruyama.

Matsuda Glasses

For fans of the.
luxury eyewear
, here in Florence at our Bottega di Sguardi Boutiques, we offer a niche brand entirely handmade in Japan with exclusive fine materials: Matsuda. More than 250 steps are required for a Matsuda eyeglass to come to life, as these are frames that are extremely rich in detail, all handmade of course, with vintage charm but absolutely contemporary.

Matsuda is a brand that cannot be missed in a luxury eyewear collection, being itself pure luxury, in which in addition to the processing of acetate and titanium emerges that of gold and sterling silver. So yes, we are dealing with real gems.

Eyevan Glasses

In 1972, Kensune Ishizu, founded Eyevan with the intent, later realized, to create for the first time in the history of eyewear glasses intended as fashion accessories and no longer
mere medical aids.

After 40 years since its founding, Eyevan 7285 makes its debut, which is based exactly on Eyevan’s original archives and also on its sources of inspiration, such as vintage glasses,
telescopes, ancient mirrors and instruments, and finally architectural works.

All this can be seen in the frames, for example, the temples are inspired by 1940s French cutlery, and in the titanium frames we can enjoy details inspired by the motifs
arabesques of old Japanese temples.

Eyevan glasses are the result of a close collaboration between technological innovation and skilled craftsmanship, in which no fewer than 400 steps are required to finish a
unique eyeglass that we can therefore well call a work of art.

In Florence, at Via del Parione 54r and Via Marconi 19fr, at our two boutiques Bottega di Sguardi we are pleased to be able to present a unique selection of Eyevan eyewear.

Masunaga Japanese Glasses

is the oldest factory in Japan, founded in 1905 by Gozaemon Masunaga, who moreover not only created one of the world’s best brands, but
also the first optical district in Fukui, in which 97 percent of Japanese frames are still created today.

Within the Masunaga factory each pair of glasses is followed from start to finish, from the design to the finish that lasts the frame (remember the special clay mixture with which the acetate is brushed, which manages to make it like velvet); they are Entirely handmade glasses that are distinguished by quality and elegance.

Masunaga’s crowning achievement is definitely its collaboration with world-renowned designer Kenzo Takada, thanks to which it won the Silmo d’Or, offering an exclusive combination model, acetate and titanium, with 18k solid gold finish.

Bottega di Sguardi in Florence is a boutique where you can find one of the most extensive Masunaga collections in Italy, and you will be enraptured by the artistic sophistication of Masunaga design.

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