profumi di nicchia italiani presso la boutique di Firenze Bottega di Sguardi

Italian Niche Perfumes: the Best Artisan Fragrances

Italian niche perfumes are in essence an olfactory poetics, they are artistic and artisanal perfumes that are characterized by constant research and continuous study of the
raw materials, which are selected from around the world and put together in unconventional ways.

The best handcrafted fragrances are the result of the inspiration of great
master perfumers
who offer their noses for the creation of skin jewelry, fragrance drops
unique and eternal, characterized by great permanence and strong individuality.

Niche perfumes are a journey through memories; they are genuine and simple as they are aimed at enhancing the personality of the wearer.

Niche Perfumes: What Are They?

Also called “Artistic Perfumes,” niche perfumes are exclusive perfumes that do not follow the logic of fashion or the market and, therefore, are eternal.

These are handcrafted perfumes created with refined and precious raw materials, blended together in unique and often unusual ways, which is precisely why they have little to do with ordinary fragrances.

Niche perfume is an artistic act and not pure and simple commerce.
Niche fragrances need to be welcomed in intimate, cozy settings, such as our Boutique Bottega di Sguardi in Florence ‘s Via del Parione 54r, where a staff
expert is ready to welcome you for a very personal journey through the olfactory notes of
Profumum Roma

Italian Niche Perfumes: the History of Profumum Roma

The story of the niche perfume Profumum Roma, is a story of love, memories, encounters and dreams, as the fragrances of this now world-famous brand are
olfactory hallucinations, evocations capable of taking us anywhere … “north of any south, east of any west …”

Immediately after World War II, two young lovers set out from a small town named St. Helena for Rome, and thus began to write their
history in a small Roman store where they displayed shaving soap sold by the pound, hair lotions and a few colognes, and eventually became the most important perfumers in the Eternal City.

But it was in 1996 that the Durante brothers created Profumum Roma, and their first creation was their best-selling

Salt Water


How to choose a Niche Perfume?

A question many customers ask us is “how to choose a niche perfume.”

Assuming that Profum Roma’s fragrances are journeys ofself-discovery, we must let ourselves be carried away by the emotions that a scent can evoke in us, pay attention to the feelings, desires, emotions or déjà vu that such an aroma arouses in us.

How do we know we have found our very own personal scent? We immediately feel intoxicated by a swirl of emotions that envelop us like honey, making us experience a moment of enviable well-being.

This is precisely the peculiarity of Profumum Roma, its ability to describe us, identify us and rekindle memories we thought were lost.

In the heart of Florence’s historic center, Bottega di Sguardi is ready to help you experience magical moments on the wings of Profumum Roma fragrances, guiding and supporting you in choosing the perfume that will finally be YOUR perfume.

Persistent Niche Fragrances: Which Fragrances to Choose?

A widespread phenomenon among craft fragrances is precisely thatniche fragrances are persistent.

Profumum Roma’s fragrances are composed of a very high percentage ofessential oils , unlike most perfumes on the market, which results in their enviable persistence.

However, we must consider an additional determining factor for the longevity of the fragrance on one’s skin, and this is precisely the ph of the skin itself, that is, the acidity of the skin, which affects and alters the persistence and thus the perception of the fragrance.

In fact, this is a topic that even more helps us to understand whether or not we have found our perfume from Profumum Roma, because when we have found our essence, the one that most represents us, it will combine perfectly with our skin, returning electrifying emotions.

Here in Florence, we at Bottega di Sguardi are able to accompany you on this magnificent adventure in search of yourself , the scent that best represents you.

Men's Niche Perfumes

Based on the premise that according to the olfactory philosophy of Profumum Roma there are no men’s perfumes and women’s perfumes, but rather perfumes for the person.

We can also say that the best-selling niche perfumes for men here in Florence at our Boutique Bottega di Sguardi are undoubtedly Acqua di Sale, with its notes of cedarwood, seaweed and myrtle.

Santalum, with absolutes of sandalwood, myrrh and spices, which envelops you in the strong, virile embrace of its top notes.

Ichnusa, a fragrance that stands out for its freshness and personality with notes of cut grass, fig leaf and wood, and myrtle.

Olibanum, warm and reassuring, releases frankincense, myrrh, orange blossom and sandalwood.

Bold, elegant, refined and charismatic, it expresses all its passion through the flavor of bitter orange, cedarwood, licorice and vetyver.

Women's Niche Perfumes

The same applies to niche women’s fragrances as above for men’s fragrances, i.e., artisanal fragrances, such as those from Profumum Roma, do not have genders.

As for the most popular Profumum Roma fragrances for women in Florence at Bottega di Sguardi, there is undoubtedly first of all

Water and Sugar

, a fresh and sweet and very distinctive fragrance with fruity and vanilla notes conferred by red fruits, vanilla and orange blossom.

Immediately following, as the best-selling fragrance, appears Confetto, playful and sensual, an encounter with the “boy child” in each of us, a blend of vanilla, anise, oak moss, amber and almond.

Instead, many women recognize themselves in Vanitas, a sweet and attractive fragrance featuring myrrh, orange blossom, sandalwood, and vanilla.

Best Selling Niche Perfume from Bottega di Sguardi in Florence

The best-selling Profumum Roma niche perfumes in Florence at Bottega di Sguardi are definitely Acqua di Sale, Acqua e zucchero, and Confetto.

They are, moreover, the brand’s best sellers as well as the most iconic fragrances that have made Profumum Roma famous worldwide.

However, here at Bottega di Sguardi in Florence, even Vir, l’latest fragrance introduced in the catalog, is starting to make its way among the most requested and sold fragrances, with its very special and sought-after top notes: cannabis sativa, cedarwood, frankincense, oud, sandalwood, tobacco leaf.

Niche Citrus Fragrances

Among the most popular artisanal perfumes are definitely the niche citrus scents.

It is in the spring/summer period that here in the historic center of Florence, at Bottega di Sguardi, we sell the most citrus fragrances by Profumum Roma.

Among them, the best known are undoubtedly Acqua Viva, with which one seems to take a direct plunge into the southern coasts, as it features volcanic broom, citron and Sicilian citrus.

Neroli, with its raw materials, immerses us in citrus groves on a warm, sunny summer day: bitter orange buds, myrrh, orange wood.

But let’s not forget the citrusy sweetness of Orangea, much in demand in Florence from Bottega di Sguardi, an elegant and passionate fragrance with bergamot, cedar leaves, mint and petit grain.

Niche Perfumes Online

You can find the niche fragrances Profumum Roma at our Florentine boutique Bottega di Sguardi, on Via del Parione 54r, but also on our online shop, where you can find all our Profumum Roma proposal, starting from 100ml or 18ml perfumes, Shower Baths, Body Milks, Body Oils and Room Diffusers.

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