In addition to the most refined Italian and international brands, Bottega di Sguardi also presents Vibes 365, a personal collection of smart, ultra-light, Californian touch, extremely versatile and contemporary eyewear: a possible alternative, an incentive to play with one’s image, to transform oneself every day, or rather… to transform oneself even several times in the same day. Unhinging the traditional idea that there is only one pair of glasses for all seasons, Vibes plays with ductility, with transversality: there is a color of lenses that is perfect for a business lunch, one for a summer sunset on a Mediterranean island, yet another for an aperitif with friends by the sea.

Vibes365. It was born from the concept of glasses as a lifestyle, as a detail, as an accessory, as a part of the person every day. Vibes is attitude, it’s essence, it’s style, it’s design, it’s the dream of looking at the world through a pink, blue, orange lens. And here all this becomes reality. For 365 days a year.

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