Jacques Marie Mage

Who, like me, has been working in the eyewear industry for a long time and still knows how to be fascinated by a collection or a unique piece, who knows how to bring his own experience in the process of research and selection of collections, who knows how to give back to the customer an emotion through the sale, can never stop being excited in front of a pair of glasses by Jacques Marie Mage, luxury brand, based in Los Angeles, founded by Jerome Mage. A real rock wave that shatters all our senses: it captures the gaze, kidnaps the touch. Eyewear with unmistakable shapes, made with quality materials, adorned with rich colors, each piece draws inspiration from history and its artistic, social and cultural movements.
Eyewear literally adored by many Hollywood stars, Mage’s is a limited edition experience: selected pieces that travel the world and rest only on the faces of those who know how to appreciate the genius and creative design of a brand that focuses not only on aesthetics but is a true sensory experience.

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