Bottega Di Sguardi

The translation from the Greek of Alba, Brezza, Mattino… those moments, those gifts with which nature pampers and protects us every day and which we often overlook in the frenzy of everyday life. These are precisely the names of the eyewear models born from the collaboration of Bottega di Sguardi with an ancient factory in Cadore and that represent the reinterpretation of iconic objects, “great classics” but with a contemporary touch: the choice of acetate, the hinges, the polishing, strictly hand-made, the colors, a design detail. And here’s another of Bottega di sguardi’s greatest strengths: the partnership with a historic company that has been on the market for 60 years and the immersion that the entire Florentine team allows itself, three times a year, in the factory in northern Italy to choose the plates and review the designs. A direct confrontation with the reality of production, immersed in the panoramic magic of the Cadore and in that of their own craft, to train all the staff to a conscious, attentive sale that knows every step of the eyewear production process. Trend and tradition in the name of the wonders of Nature.

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